We are an professional manufacturer specialized in Bottle washing machines; Filling machines; Capping machines; Labeling machines and packing machines with more than 20 years experiences. With the professional technical teams, we can provide the professional solution for you according to your requirements.
Our machine is mainly made of good quality SUS304 stainless steel material and equipped with brand parts. It has the advantage of easy operation, positioned accuracy, reasonable price etc. It鈥檚 widely used in wineries, beverage, brewing, food, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, chemical pharmaceutical factories etc.
Qingzhou Gofar packaging machinery co., LTD. Is a solution provider for liquid filling production line. The company has provided liquid production line solutions for smes in more than 20 countries and regions. For example, the wine filling production line of an American company and the two edible oil filling production lines of two other companies; An automatic kitchen cleaner production line for export to Russia. Two wine filling lines in Africa. We also manufacture filling and sealing machines in southeast Asia and South America. Founded in 2012, the company has many years of manufacturing experience, welcome to the majority of customers to inquire.
Founded in 2012, Qingzhou gofar packaging machinery co., ltd. is a professional company operating various bottle washing machines, filling machines, sealing machines, dryers and other single machine equipment and filling production lines. At present the production scale of the company is expanding day by day, the technical strength is strong, the customer spreads all over the world, obtains the domestic and foreign customer's trust with the good prestige, has many customers to visit our factory to investigate, and established the long-term cooperation relationship. We always welcome customers from all over the world to our factory to discuss cooperation. We warmly hope: you and I hand in hand, to create a better future!
Our company produces the equipment, the quality is reliable, USES the specialized material material food grade stainless steel and the industry special anticorrosive material production manufacture equipment. There are professionals responsible for the design, workers with many years of experience in the production of the machine, after many times of inspection before the factory, professionals are responsible for shooting the test video to the customer for confirmation, the quality is stable and reliable.
The machines produced by our company are equipped with complete instructions for the use of the machines, and we also have special use videos that can be provided to you. Before delivering the goods to you, some parts of our machine will be removed to prevent damage during transportation. We will also provide you with an installation video. If you don't understand, our technicians can also guide you through the video. We can also offer door-to-door service if your conditions permit.
Our company has its own foreign trade team, familiar with various forms of settlement business (do not accept unconventional, niche settlement platform), to your convenience is to our own convenience, this is our service purpose.In addition, we also have our own alibaba website. If it is convenient for you, you can also place an order and pay from it.
The equipment and electronic components produced by our company are all international famous brands, such as Siemens, shaness and so on. If you have special brand requirements, we can also customize the assembly according to your requirements. My company has been established for many years and has gained a good reputation in China. Qingzhou gofar machinery co., LTD is looking forward to cooperating with you!
About our company
We are a machinery manufacturer. Our company produces a variety of bottle washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, dryer, label machine and a series of equipment.
About Price:
The price of the machine is customized according to your requirements, you will eventually be given a customized price, as long as the material requirements do not change too much, the price difference is not big.
About Sample:
Since we are the manufacturer of machinery and equipment, the cost of each machine and equipment is not low, so we do not provide sample service, please understand.
About OEM:
We can accept OEM custom production.
About warranty:
Our factory usually has a one-year warranty. If you have special requirements, you can also ask for it. The warranty period can be extended appropriately.Semi-automatic Olive Oil Filling Machine factory
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